casino action online casino review

With a name like Casino Action Online Casino, certain expectations are set before the front page of this new website is even fully loaded!

As far as industries go, the online gaming industry is in equal parts outrageous and productive when it comes to naming its businesses. While most names are indicative of a certain theme which runs throughout the site and the wider casino itself, some can be completely unrelated. Casino Action is a unique online casino in the sense that it falls into both the former and the latter categories. On the one hand, the level of games on offer here is great, though on the other it’s got no real sense of ‘action’, or otherwise, which sets it apart from other sites of its kind.

One thing which does stand on its own as being highly unique however are the bonuses on offer at the Casino Action Casino. There are two in total, both of which offer a nice alternative to the other. The first option is the EUR1250 free play bonus, in which players are given this amount to play with for one hour. They can make up to EUR100 in this time and can then claim this amount as their bonus. Even in the event that they lose the lot, they’ll be offered the chance to redeem themselves via the holy ‘Second Chance Wheel’ which will determine the bonus amount. Either way you win! The second bonus offer is a straight up 100% addition to your first deposit EUR40 or more. Not quite as fun, but hey – not too bad!

As far as customer support and banking options go, this is a safe bet with fully reliable software in place to ensure a safe and fun gaming experience for one and for all.