mobile casino and betting action in the united kingdom

Which European nation can be considered to be the most active in terms of gambling? Can societal and cultural traits be directly tied to attitudes about wagering and casino gaming?

One could easily think of Ireland as a nation associated with a propensity towards games of chance, and this assumption would be entirely based on the “luck of the Irish” folklore. As it happens, Ireland actually has more of an active role developing mobile casino apps and games than actually playing them.

Germany is a major market for mobile casino and best slot machines to play ; however, it does not come close to the United Kingdom. Specifically, the beautiful Scottish city of Glasgow, historically known as a cradle of philosophers and shipbuilders, is also home to a substantial number of mobile casino players.

Internet Casino Play and Sports Wagering in the UK

In July 2015, a gaming website dedicated to online roulette games conducted a survey among more than 2,000 players from 12 European nations about their attitudes towards gambling. The survey revealed that one out of four British residents are enjoying mobile casinos these days, but the figures from Glasgow are even more revealing.

When it comes to mobile slot machines and online roulette games, Glasgow residents are betting an average of $200 euros per year, more than any other average in other European cities. The nice Scottish people, on average, are not afraid to plunk down nearly 1,700 euros per year on sports wagers.

UK bookmakers tend to like Scottish players, who seem to enjoy gambling at its purest form, which means that they live by the doctrine of “win some, lose some.” The Association of British Bookmakers estimates that 70 percent of Scottish society engages in a game of chance now and then.