most popular payment software types

The issue of exchanging money in online gambling has not often blessed patrons with the uttermost clarity. In the online gaming industries formative years, many were skeptical as to just how safe giving and receiving money was, or could ever be. When the internet was new news, not many individuals would have even ever considered spending money over it, let alone gambling money over it. As time passed however, more people became partial to the idea of it – helped along the way by the always best online casino au of secure online depositing still out there doing business to this day.


Perhaps the most famous payment service of its kind active world-over today, PayPal was founded back in 1998. In the time since it was founded, the service has established itself as the trendsetter within its industry. Making its name as a subsidiary of eBay, the service is now used in all forms of business and as a primary fund transferring tool within modern online gaming and gambling.



Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is an e-commerce organisation which allows for streamlined and safe payments between parties over the internet. Essentially the British version of PayPal, the service is used world-over and is favoured by many online gambling enthusiasts within the UK and elsewhere throughout the world.


Available in 15 languages and with a gross annual turnover of $89million, there’s no denying that Neteller owns its own considerably-sized chunk of the e-wallet market. A little less known than our other two cos, the service is the first choice of thousands of businesses and individuals alike.